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We have been in business since 1970 and are proud to display our address and full contact details on our site.

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*You can search for up to FIVE subjects and levels at the same time.

*We only recruit tutors who can satisfy our strict requirements in terms of qualifications and character. All tutors are self-employed.

*We offer a restricted range of core subjects.

*All new tutors who join us must have an Enhanced DBS check (formerly CRB disclosure).

*We contact the referees of tutors by post and only allow people of standing in the community to act as referees.

*We continuously monitor the performance of tutors and those that do not meet our exacting standards are removed from the register.

*When you begin tuition, you can simply work on a week to week basis in cooperation with your tutor. Your arrangement for tuition is to be made with the tutor directly.